Bat licence awarded

We hear that Natural England have now granted the bat licence.  If that was the last block on demolition progressing then we could see things start to happen quite soon.

Thank you to whoever pulled strings at Natural England to push the licence along.


Pedestrian Safety Barriers go up

Wrings, the demolition contractors, have started erecting pedestrian safety barriers around the Carriageworks and Westmorland House site.  Westmorland House is scheduled for demolition. The listed Carriageworks building will be restored.


PG are waiting for a bat licence!

PG is still waiting for a Bat Licence from Natural England.  This is causing delays with the site preparation and demolition.  There are no further updates, and it is not possible for PG to give us a revised timetable.

If anyone knows anyone at Natural England who might be able to help this process along, please let us know – or just have a word in the right ear so the development can progress.  Thanks!

Demolition Bucket Arrives

Heavy demolition equipment delivered 28th Feb 2018 by DC Merrett, Specialist Services of Gloucester. Equipment included a ‘Heavy Excavation Bucket’ for the tracked vehicle and a ‘Demolition Safety Frame’ for protection.Heavy demolition equipment delivered Heavy demolition equipment delivered Heavy demolition equipment deliveredNote that arrival of equipment does not necessarily mean work is imminent – the contractors are able to store equipment at the site in advance of work starting.

Important update from PG re demolition of 4 Ashley Road

PG Group have written to say:

“Wrings have been on site for the last few days and removing foliage around the site, especially No 4 Ashley Road. It has become very apparent that this building is in a far more fragile state than was previously thought. At a project meeting today, Wrings reported on the state of this building and given the importance of Health and Safety, the decision has been made to bring forward the demolition of N0 4. Starting on Wednesday of next week, 14/2, Wrings are going to carefully reduced the building in a controlled manner. This will allow Wrings to open up the site to allow better site set up and access for the archaeologist. It will also make it safer for machinery moving around the site. Time lapse cameras have already been planned to be set up on Tuesday 13th, so these will record the entire process.”