Upper Floors – 2011 Draft

Lots of people support residential, although others want small business and other space upstairs (similar to Hamilton House). Developing the upper floors for mostly residential use is likely to create the value needed to ensure that the whole development is viable.

People who want residential want to see a true mix of types including social, private, low cost, high cost, for sale and to rent, and for everyone from single people to families. They do not want a monotype of development or a gated community.

Do you agree with this vision for mixed residential uses on the upper floors?

3 thoughts on “Upper Floors – 2011 Draft

  1. I agree with a mixed resisdential use, however this should be done in a co-operative not-for-profit fashion. Rather than having designated ‘private’ and ‘social’ housing side by side, all housing should be co-operative, organised through a housing co-operative where all tennants have a stake and a say in the running of the co-operative.
    By preventing privately owned housing or appartments, we can keep rents low in the long run and create socially sustainable housing for future generations.
    The housing should also adhere to highest standards of ecological sustainability, be ideally so called ‘passive housing’ where intelligent insulation makes heating unnessesary.

  2. I agreed a mixed use would be the best compromise and understand that residential spaces will be what make the costs of the project viable

  3. The project needs to make profit to be viable, so residential use is what will make it happen. If it’s done on public money (assuming there is any left), it is likely to deteriorate again when the money runs out.

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