Community Uses – 2011 Draft

75% of people want community uses on the site. What does this mean for you; do you think it is a narrow definition or a broad definition of “community use”?


a)    A narrow range of uses: various size rooms for local activities similar, for example, to Malcolm X and the St Pauls Learning Centre.


A broad range of uses: Accessible spaces for a range of activities that directly contribute to the vitality and character of the local area. This could mean business units including shops, arts space, cafes, performance space and possibly more, as well as community rooms.

One thought on “Community Uses – 2011 Draft

  1. I think a broader use of the facitlitie would be a better compromise, it should not be somewhere that detracts form existing projects such as the ones mentioned above, rather enhancing the economy and thriving artistic community of the area. Perhaps along the lines of St Nick’s Market for example that encourages independant local business as well as a public space with other facilities ie: Gallery, community projetcs etc.

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