This Community Vision has been the work of many people from the local community, the City Council and businesses. In no particular order they have been:

Pete Bullard, Ben Appleby, Jawahar De Sousa, Delroy Hibbert, Simon Lewis, Hugh Nettelfield, Julian Mellor, Jan Reichel, Lori Streich, Emma Dyer, Jo Foster, Cheryl Jones, Mike Stuart, Prue Hardwick, Tracy Edwards Brown, John Fenkel, Janine McCretton, Jon Rogers, Tony Mason, Gus Hoyt, Jane Brewerton, Matthew Cheney, Beverley Tattersfield, Jo Ritter, Steve Berry, Diane Dodd, Neil Elliot, Petra Regent, Chris Chalkley, Waliur Rahman, Nick Hooper, Anthony Negus, Kate Hartas, Anna McDermott, Alison Bromilow, Mark Wright, Andrew Baker, Miller Design, Pedal Walla, Sebright Printers, Screen One Printers, Jeff Francis, The Salvation Army, Cafe Kino, PRSC, David Saunders, Stephen Walker and everyone who contributed during the consultation and Vision writing process.

Photos by Hugh Nettelfield, Jo Foster, Emma Dyer and Julian Mellor. Graphics by Miller Design and Emma Dyer. Layout by 2md Regeneration.

Funded by the Homes and Communities Agency. Enabled by Bristol City Council.

Coordinated by 2md Regeneration.

Made by everyone.

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