2. Community Uses – CAG objection to Fifth Capital

Vision Statement: “We want this site to be developed for a broad range of uses that
are accessible to the community. Flexible, accessible spaces need to be included to
accommodate a range of activities that directly contribute to the vitality and character
of the local area. This might include business units as well as shops, arts space,
cafes, performance space and meeting spaces.”

We are concerned that:

  • The site will be developed for only two uses: residential (94%) and retail (6%). This is not the broad range of uses sought by the Vision.
  • There are only 5 retail units. All are lock-up units of medium size all fronting onto the main roads.
  • No clarity is provided about the nature of the retail uses, or the terms of letting (e.g. the need for start up or incubator units, let on “easy-in, easy-out terms), in keeping with the needs of the area, and local demand.
  • If the units are not sensitively managed, they are likely to remain empty, or be let to national chains or multiples. No assurance has been given about the management of the retail units.

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