Parking – 2011 Draft

Lots of people are concerned about traffic congestion and pollution. Parking is also very space hungry and expensive to provide. Consequently, some people suggest that there should be very little parking in the development.

Other people point out that surrounding streets are already full up with parked cars so on-site parking is essential. Also, some people (e.g. disabled, families, businesses etc) have very legitimate needs for parking close to their homes and premises.

Note: Parking is different to access. Residents and businesses would always have sufficient access to their premises.

How much parking do you think there should be in the development?

4 thoughts on “Parking – 2011 Draft

  1. In principal parking should only be created for disabled people. Businesses or co-operatives that trade from site might have to be accomendated with a loading bay, however this needs to be kept minimal. Beyond this there should be no private parking on the site at all.

  2. A minimal amount for residents only. There are regular buses along Stokes Croft and visitors to the site should be encouraged to use public transport

  3. There needs to be adequate secure parking for residents. Existing nearby parking, transport links, and passing foot traffic should be sufficent to cater for the retail needs.

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