Who we are

The Carriageworks Action Group is a broad alliance of local residents from St Pauls, Montpelier, Kingsdown and Cotham, business owners and people from local organisations working with Bristol City Council to address the dereliction of the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House site.  It meets at least twice a year and more often when there is something in need of early discussion.

CAG is an inclusive partnership forum, open to anyone with an interest in the development of the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.  This can include individuals or groups with commercial interests in the site, although it is important that any conflicts of interest are declared and transparent.

We have Community Meetings that are held at least twice yearly and are open to anyone interested in the future of the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.

Meeting dates are posted on the front page of the Carriagewroks website and e-mailed to people on our mailing list.

The Liaison Group

In between the Community Meetings there is a Liaison Group that maintains the contact with the City Council, developers and other parties.  Members of the Liaison Group must have no potential or actual commercial interests in the development of the site. Members of the Group are:  Pete Bullard, Prue Hardwick, Jeff Butterfield, Janine McCretton, Simon Lewis and Lori Streich (Chair).

The City Council is represented by the Project Manager, Jan Reichel.  Although BCC has no land interest or responsibility in the property it has made a decision to facilitate early regeneration of the site.

The Carriageworks Action Group Liaison Group acts as a sounding board for Bristol City Council (BCC) and developers in relation to the inclusion of the Vision in the development process, and as a point of contact between BCC, developers and the Carriageworks Action Group.

CAG is facilitated by Julian Mellor and Hugh Nettelfield from 2MD Regeneration Ltd.

The role of CAG

Since January 2012 the Carriageworks Action Group has had two roles:

  • To own the Community Vision and promote it for the community
  • To maintain contact with the local community, local stakeholders, the site owners, the City Council, and anyone else with an interest in the site.

[Last updated: 21 June 2017, 27 August 2015]