3. Through Route – CAG objection to Fifth Capital

Vision Statement: “Creating new open and inclusive spaces on the site is important
for many of us. This could be achieved by designing a new pedestrian route through
the site connecting together public spaces that can contribute to a vibrant local
culture; these public spaces might host activities such as a market and
performances. Good design and management will need to be exercised to avoid
conflicts with other site users e.g. residents living nearby, neighbouring businesses

We are concerned that:

  • This will become a gated community which would cut across the culture and character of the area.
  • The proposals do not give us a genuine public realm through route that is carefully designed to encourage access into and through the site.
  • The route is designed so that gates and restrictive management of public access will become part of the scheme, so that over time, the site will exclude all but people living within the scheme.
  • The internal spaces are, in effect, two private courtyards, excluding the local community from the space.

We believe that:

  • A well designed route will avoid conflict between residents and the public and will design-out crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • The through route proposed by Fifth Capital does not follow desire lines, it does not invite entry, it includes blind corners and it does not provide clear destinations.
  • The through route should be designed as the spine of the scheme, linking local communities, not shutting them out.

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