No 4 Ashley Road comes down

The old doctors’ surgery at 4 Ashley Road is no more.

WMLH The Doctors House Jon Tan - all gone 3.jpgWMLH The Doctors House Jon Tan - all gone 2.jpg

WMLH The Doctors House Jon Tan - all gone.jpg

Photo credit: Jon Tan of The Mild Bunch


Are there cellars below Westmorland House / Carriageworks?

PG Group (the developers of the site) are trying to establish whether there are any cellars below Westmorland House or the Carriageworks.  With demolition due to start in February this could be critical information.

People likely to know might be builders / surveyors who had dealings with the building, or anyone who used to work at the Regional Pools.

If you have any information do please get in touch with us –

New Year – New Community Meeting – 10 January

Who’d have believed that we’d be starting the year with positive news about the development of the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House site. Or even, that the development is finally going to happen. Soon! Find out more at a

Community Meeting
Wednesday 10th January
From 6 – 8 pm
At the King Centre, King Square, BS2 8JH

Members of the PG Group team will bring us all up to date about the timetable for the development of the site, and how this will impact on the areas surrounding it. How will the traffic management work? How & when will Westmoreland House (the 1960s tower) be demolished? How will the Carriageworks building be protected? And more. We will also talk about the Cultural Plan – what needs to be considered?

And any other issues you want to raise about this long-awaited development. If there is something you would like to raise, and can’t get to the meeting, please send us an email via: email or the CAG website – contact page:

We can’t say it enough: together, we have made this happen. Redevelopment schemes have been proposed over the past 20 years. Some even got planning permission. But they never saw the light of day, and the dereliction continued. CAG was formed in 2011, and we have never given up our belief that if we all kept pushing, we would see a development happen. We have all kept going. Members of the Liaison Group have carried on working together, carrying on dialogues with developers, with Council Officers and Councillors. And people living in the communities impacted by the dereliction of the site have continued to come to CAG Community Meetings, continued to ask questions, continued to keep up the pressure to see a development that meets the aspirations of the Community Vision.

We’ve been successful because we’ve worked together and we never gave up. As the scheme develops, we will continue the dialogue, to make sure that the redevelopment of the Carriageworks delivers not just an end to the dereliction but an exemplar scheme in a gateway location.

We hope to see you on January 10th.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year from the CAG Liaison Group

Community Meeting 10 January

PG Group will be hosting a Community Meeting on Wednesday 10 January to update on:

  • progress on the site,
  • the timetable for development,
  • proposals for traffic management in the area,
  • proposals for the Cultural Plan.

Venue is the Kings Centre, King Square.  We expect it to be at 6pm but we’ll confirm this closer to the time.

See you there!