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Community Meeting, Wed 16 November, 6pm at Kings Centre

The Carriageworks Community Meeting will be at 6pm on Wednesday 16 November at the Elim Kings Centre (used to be the Deaf Centre) on King Square.

There are major concerns about progress with development of the site, or the lack of it. That is leading some to ask if the compulsory purchase process should be restarted.

We have invited Marc Pennick, the Director owner of Fifth Capital, to come to the meeting and we’ve also asked the Council to come so that they can answer your questions about what should happen next to make sure that the development actually starts.

What questions do you want to ask?

If you can’t get to the meeting, let us know your questions and we’ll pose them to Marc Pennick and / or the Council.  Use the form below, email to, tweet to @carriageworks2 or facebook at

Notes from 1 Dec Community Meeting

An amazing 40 people turned up for the community meeting on Tuesday 1 December.  Goes to show that the future of the Carriageworks site is still live in people’s minds.

Notes of the meeting are attached in this link (71kb PDF).

We asked people to sign up to any of the themes in which they are interested – thanks to all of you who did.  We’ll be in touch in the new year when we start to discuss the various issues.

Finally, thanks to Ian Mountford for hosting us at the newly refitted Salvation Army citadel – great space!

Reporting from the Planning Committee tomorrow

CAG will be at the Planning Committee tomorrow, Wednesday 14 October from 6pm.

We’ll keep a blog going through the discussions so you can stay updated even if you can’t get there in person.

We’ll also tweet from @Carriageworks2 and use hashtag 

Planning Committee recommended to approve

The report to the Planning Committee on 14 October has been published and recommends that planning permission be granted.  Click to link to it on the Council’s website (2.4Mb PDF – link updated March 2017).

The 89 page report deals with the ten points raised at the April committee meeting and other changes since made by Fifth Capital.  Included as an Appendix is the April report.

Your next step, should you choose to take it, is to make a statement to the Planning Committee.  Click for our guidelines on what to do.

Once we’ve read the report we’ll post our observations.