The Culture of the Carriageworks – your ideas

A short time ago we asked you what you think the Carriageworks should be like in the future? What sort of culture will it have? What will be happening on the site that will appeal to residents, workers, neighbours and visitors?  We said we’d put your answers into a wordcloud.  Well, this is what we have so far.


If you haven’t put in your ideas yet we’ve decided to leave the process open so go to SurveyMonkey and tell us what you think.

The full responses that create this wordcloud are below:

A friendly, open, permeable space, welcoming to people off the street, and small business of all sorts, regardless of their economic status. A busy, creative and interesting space, contributing to the area, and encouraging the unique characteristics of Stokes Croft. Placing a greater emphasis on the use and character of the space, and it’s positive impact on the area, than on it’s economic performance. The only people benefiting from the economics of the development are developers. This should be a “development” which seeks to add more. Viable commercial spaces. No chain stores, Independent Quiet A variety of housing units that allow people from a large selection of incomes can afford. No tolerance of graffiti (tagging) which currently blights so much of Stokes Croft; Gentrification, a chance, slowly, to adjust the culture of Stokes Croft; Maintain the only-independent-shops status of the area; Coffee_culture. No_graffiti, Gentrification, Independent_shops, Coffee_culture. Active outdoor amenity space with eating places, performances, markets etc. Green trees sculpture clean friendly safe picnics meeting light welcoming tactile curiosity play connect dynamic nurturing. Everything it possibly can to provide green space, trees, foliage, living walls, balconies etc to improve the lack of green space on stokes croft. More trully-affordable homes, open access, trees, flowers, seating, a culture properly reflecting the cultural diversity of the area & appealing to the long-term, permanent residents, priority for local commer-cial & artisan workshops. Inclusive. Vibrant positive youthful musical independent. A mix that represents Bristol: exhibition spaces, spaces for community events (indoor and outdoor, day and night), education spaces, craft shops, performance spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, locally owned newsagents, link up with Rusty Squid! inclusive, all-ages, bustle, community, change, no graffiti, Independent. Re. the rear public space: A public space to the rear that is a green hub that people can go and enjoy, almost a public square. As much planting as possible and ideally a water feature; independent (i.e. non/small chains) of eateries and drinkeries around that square; a place one can go and be, and relax and retreat and meet and watch, without pressure to buy/consume; a gift to the local community. Green space to relax and play, independent shops selling useful and beautiful things, homes for young and old, rich and poor – inclusive, green, beautiful, fun. It needs to respect the culture that already exists. I hope a hotel opens inside it as that would limit the number of expensive flats. No music venue should close. No chain based business. Lots of solar panels. I look forward to an inspirational, creative , independent and productive space which is Safe and clean. Affordable housing and affordable rental retail and work spaces. NO CHAINS or big business. It needs to be a vibrant and inviting space which reflects Bristol’s exciting creative scene. I hope it is a mix of affordable housing, small businesses or pop up style retail/art units. Also independent food/drinks establishments. Arts and dance spaces, green, community. Family friendly facilities Outdoor seating Independent shops both retail & hospitality Ensure areas are not used for homeless sleeping, urination & drug abuse. Frequent problems with local areas at present, Maybe enlisting the help of rehabilitation services & charities To ensure that the space offers something for all age groups not just 18-30 hipsters & students Anti graffiti paint on all walls which is regularly maintained & clean. If street art is used then local artists could be chosen from a small competition to submit design proposals voted for by community. CCTV – for safety Live music area- local musical events- not buskers Fitness area for hire (studio for rental to help maintain local teachers who have lost business from Hampton house) Public notice board for events in carriageworks General aim to support local talent, help small business but discourage extreme political, religious, ageist, discrimination that may hinder the use of the carriageworks for all. Vibrant, dynamic and culturally inclusive – not dominated by a particular sector of society- unlike Hamilton House which is run by an elite for an elite – inclusive in its own ‘diversity’ but is not representative of the local community and alienates by its ‘alternativeness’. The main thing is for the redevelopment to embrace the Stokes Croft culture of creatives and sense of community. If it alienates itself to posh flats there might be possible backlash and social issues. If shops are opened they should be independent rather than chains that just won’t fit the area. Tesco and Meatlicker are good examples of how not to do it. Speaking to local people and local shops should be PG Group’s priority to get the development working for everyone whilst still bringing them profit. tai chi food chat acoustic friendship games workshop applied art market Godwin. Hopefully, an ethos that reflects and pays tribute to the unceasing and informed hard work of the Carriageworks Campaigning Group. A place that welcomes all ages and ‘ tribes’ of this culturally rich area. And the patience of those who have been with this group of buildings from when Dr Beatson had their surgery, to the clattering music of the typing pool at work, and so forth. So definitely a small archive Museum type space for the history background of the site in some form and a tribute plaque to the ´CWCampaigners amazing efforts. An area of tranquility and peace to sit in somehow fitted in with a productive creative hub. Only independents in the outlets; definitely no ´commercial chains’. A Citizens’ Advice Bureau. An information centre. Fabulous and appropriately considered ´disability/other ways of being’ access. Likewise, educated landscaping for enhancing mini micro-climates and birds (Madrid Central Station is the most wonderful example with its garden, trees, water areas all active but tranquil as people meet, rush for trains, relax under the trees, partake of refreshment at the independent cafes outlets, children stare in amazement at the ponds, play safely. All ages are catered for…well worth checking out how it achieves such an amazing atmosphere). Welcoming. Outward-looking. Lively. Neighbourly. Sustainable. Friendly. Green. Creative. Thoughtful. I would like to see shared outdoor and indoor spaces. Every community needs space for community events. It would be great if a bank (accessible credit union office), post office, library, quiet room for reflection, as well as start-up work spaces. Space for performances would be an added bonus. I think we should be aiming for a village within the city. Nature / living walls trees / seating areas that are part of the community / a shared meeting space with coffee/ attractive spaces that are not full of bins and signage urban clutter / open streets / mini squares / art in keeping with the sense of place.

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