We want your ideas for the future

The Carriageworks redevelopment, once finished, will have 200+ people living and working on the site. Over time it will develop its own character and culture and that in turn will influence the culture of Stokes Croft and all the surrounding communities. We want to find out what you think the culture of the redeveloped site should be like.

At the end of May we’ll combine all the answers into a single wordcloud and send it to PG Group, the developers, and their cultural consultants Willis Newson.  We want to ensure that the cultural plan includes everything that is part of a full and rounded life.

Just follow this link to SurveyMonkey and fill in your answer to the single question; we’ll then compile the wordcloud at the end of May.

If you want a reminder of how the site will be developed the ground floor plans are below and you can see all the plans on our website via this link.  These plans aren’t being changed. This exercise is more about the details and how the site will be used and managed in the long term.


Ground floor

One thought on “We want your ideas for the future

  1. Thank you so much for all the hard well informed work you have and still carry out for an ethical development of the Carriageworks. As I have stated in the survey there definitely needs to be a tribute plaque in the Carriageworks development commemorating your campaigning in a way that stirs and encourages others. We have lived in Montpelier since 1974 and it’s been a long haul with that site but when you all decided to pursue an ethical dream the tide turned.

    Sincerest regards,

    Diane Doble Leemans

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