Fifth Capital’s new proposals

Fifth Capital have submitted their revised proposals to the Planners for consideration by the Planning Committee on, we think, 14 October.

The new proposals respond to the ten points for further discussion that emerged from the April Planning Committee.  The welcomed engagement with CAG and the local community by Fifth Capital also enabled us to raise other issues that have been addressed.

Included in the changes are:

Proposed ground floor

  • Reconfiguration of the ground floor to provide a larger main square (named Godwin Yard)
  • A new access route from Ashley Road opposite the top of Picton St.
  • Setting back of the Ashley Road frontage
  • Removal of anything resembling a gate
  • Improved relationship with the Tuckets building on the corner of Stokes Croft and Ashley Road
  • Increase in the amount of commercial and community space
  • Relocation of the play area from the residential square to Godwin Yard

Godwin yard entrance

  • Design changes to reduce impact on residents on Hepburn Road
  • A management plan for the future of the site.

You can download all the documents on the Council’s planning page.  For convenience we’ve compiled some of them and made them available below:

What happens next?

The revised proposals will be the subject of the next Community Meeting: Thursday 10 September at 6:30pm at Hamilton House (5th Floor Conference Room).  Fifth Capital will be there to talk through the changes and answer any questions.

Your thoughts are important. You can send any comments to us at or post them on this page using the form below.

The Planners

The revised proposals are now the subject of a new round of public consultation.  Your comments will be included in the report to the Planning Committee on, we think, 14 October.

You can submit your comments to the Planners using their website (as the form times out it’s best to write your comments in a text app and then paste in).  As we were told at the Community Meeting in June though, the best way of making sure the Planning Committee knows what you think is to turn up and tell them yourself!

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