Community Meeting – 10 September

The next Community Meeting is on Thursday 10 September at 6:30pm at Hamilton House (5th Floor Conference Room).

Fifth Capital have submitted revised proposals to the planners that respond to the ten points made by the Planning Committee back in April.  These take on board many of the points raised by CAG and the local community since April.  They should soon be available via the Council’s website.

At the Community Meeting we’ll hear from Fifth Capital about the changes they have made  since April which include:

  • Changes to the Ashley Road frontage, setting it back from the pavement edge
  • Widening of and other improvements to the access route from Ashley Road
  • Improved design relationship with the Tuckets building
  • Larger square behind the Carriageworks
  • An increase in the amount of non-residential space
  • Design changes to reduce the impact on Hepburn Road residents
  • Proposals for long term management which include proposals for a market and a commitment to working closely with the community and the Council in the spirit of the Community Vision.

There will be a chance for you to have your say and ask questions of Fifth Capital.  We’ll also discuss what happens next and how you can support or object to the changes.

Members of the CAG Liaison Group acknowledge and thank Marc Pennick and his team for the time they have taken to listen to the local community, and the extent to which they have taken on board our concerns. Inevitably not every issue has been addressed to everyone’s full aspirations but the dialogue has been positive and they have made many improvements.

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