New Proposals from Fifth Capital

Since the Planning Committee in early April Fifth Capital have been working up revised proposals.  To give them credit they have made a lot of effort to talk to us (the CAG Liaison Group) about what we think the community wants to see and how it can be achieved.  Now we need to know what you think.

The revised plans are below.  The essence is that they have put in a new pedestrian through-route from opposite the top of Picton Street.  They have changed the buildings to give a clear line through to the ‘square’ behind the Carriageworks.  They have also increased the amount of non-residential space with much of this now within the square.

We have had many conversations with them about the long term management of the non-residential space and who it will be for. Fifth Capital have told us that they are working on this, and we have sent ideas from elsewhere not least London Road in Brighton.

The proposals for social and affordable housing haven’t yet changed, but we hope that something might emerge.

There’s also the question of how it impacts on surrounding streets, especially Hepburn Road.

So, what do you think?  It will be great if you can come to the community meeting on 11 June, 6:30pm at the old Centre for the Deaf on King Square to hear more from Fifth Capital and tell them if they’ve done enough to get your support.  If you can’t make it, please leave comments on this page, or email, or message via our Facebook page.

We expect more information next week including a timeline of consultation leading up to a new committee date, proposed view of space from the Ashley Road entrance, view from Ashley Road Stokes Croft junction, view from Ashley Road and views from Hepburn Road.

Have a good weekend.

Lori, Julian, Prue and the rest of the Liaison Group








6 thoughts on “New Proposals from Fifth Capital

  1. Congratulations to the Liasion Group on improving the original proposal. The risk is in that now demanding perfection we might lose what is surely a huge improvement on what exists now. Apologies for absence from the June 11th meeting.


  2. Hopefully this scheme will be approved by CAG and their merry band of followers so this eyesore can finally be developed to provide much needed housing in the area, allowing more people to live and spend money in the area. This will ultimately strengthen and support the local community and it’s independent businesses.. Fingers crossed !


  3. The thing that I most want to see is the plans for what sort of businesses will be in place. We need to continue the strong support for independence in the area, great food, shops for all people and cultures with local business owners having a chance at success.


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