Community Meeting – 11 June

The next Carriageworks Community Meeting will be on Thursday 11 June at 6:30pm at the Deaf Centre (now known as the Kings Centre) on King Square.

Since the April Planning Committee members of the CAG Liaison Group have had a number of discussions with Fifth Capital and the planners.  Fifth Capital have been making amendments to their proposals in order to address the points raised by the Planning Committee and also to try to meet our concerns and give a better match to the Community Vision.  This includes a better through-route, an enlarged open space behind the Carriageworks and more non-residential space for community, retail and commercial use.  We’d still like to see more social and affordable housing (the proposals on this haven’t changed) and the impact on neighbouring properties, including in Hepburn Rd, remains a concern.  However, the dialogue has been mostly positive and for that Fifth Capital deserve some credit.

So that you can hear what they’re now proposing and so that they can hear what you think, we’ve asked Fifth Capital to come to the Community Meeting.

They have promised to send us the revised proposals which we will release as soon as we receive them, hopefully before the meeting.

The amended proposals are likely to be considered by the Planning Committee in August.

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