Latest changes to S.73 planning application

Last year PG submitted a Section 73 amendment application to the planning authority to make changes to the planning permission namely internal changes, facade changes and extra floorspace for more residential units. (These were discussed at length at January’s community meeting).

However, because of a recent change in case-law, S.73 cannot now be used to change the description of a development (e.g. a change to the number of units).

As a result PG are proceeding with an amended S.73 application which doesn’t involve any change to the number of units and instead focuses on the internal and facade changes. Later on they will submit a full planning application for the two extended floors/extensions to create the extra floorspace and flats.

We understand that the planners will try to process the revised S.73 so that deadlines set by funders can be met and the site development can progress.

Update: Planning permission was granted on 17 April 2020

3 thoughts on “Latest changes to S.73 planning application

  1. I note that the on the BCC planning website the plans are dated 8th January, the day after the community meeting.
    The city council have not informed interested parties about these new plans, which is an abuse of process, as they are a significant change to the previous proposals, clearly intended to get the S73 application waved through before the separate application for the extra stories on Block A.
    I also note that CAG have not informed their mailing list of the revised S73 proposals.


  2. In reponse to Tony’s comments: the plans dated 8 January were providing additional information in particular relating to proximity to Tucketts Building. They weren’t fundamentally changing the proposals in the S.73 application – this is something that we’re still waiting to see submitted. However, PG have submitted a new and full planning application for the additional units on the fourth and fifth floors – see We’ll be mailing our mailing list soon.


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