PG submit amendments to Block A proposals

PG have submitted amendments to their proposals for Block A (fronting Ashley Road). The full details can be found on the planning website.

Note that these only affect Block A and not any of the other buildings on the site. The listed Carriageworks building is not part of the proposed changes.


The proposals vary the 2015 planning permission.  They affect only Block A (referred to as A1 and A2 in the planning permission).  A Section 73 (minor material amendment) application to change the permission was submitted in May 2019.  These latest proposals vary that S.73 application.

CAG has created the images below, showing on the lefthand side of the image the original (May 2019) application to amend  with the latest proposals on the right.  (Note that the lefthand side image says October 2018 – this is the month that they were first released).

The key difference to the original amendment is the greater setback of the fourth and fifth floors.

Ground Floor

Changes to the entrance area and the configuration of ground floor servicing and retail units.

- ground floor.png

First Floor

Small change to roof over entrance.

1 first floor.png

Windows facing Hepburn Road revert to original planning application.  See drawing below for details.


Closeup of windows facing Hepburn Road. Glazing will point south west.  Solid infill pointing south east towards Hepburn Road back gardens.

Second Floor

No changes

2 second floor.png

Third Floor

No changes

3 third floor.png

Fourth Floor


In the original planning application the wing of the building facing Ashley Road is only four stories high (see plan to the right).

PG have told us that in order to achieve a viable scheme (the costs of demolition were much higher than anticipated) they need to increase the number of units on the site. They propose to do this by increasing the height of the Ashley Road frontage. The original proposals met with considerable opposition. The latest proposals seek to reduce the impact from street level by setting back the fourth and fifth stories.

4 fourth floor.png

2019-05 fourth floor closeup

Fourth floor closeup – October 2018

2019-11 fourth floor closeup

Fourth floor closeup – October 2019

Fifth Floor

As with the fourth floor, this is an addition to the planning permission.  Compared to the May proposals the Ashley Road frontage is set further back. The north east wall extends slightly.5 fifth floor.png

2019-05 fifth floor closeup

Fifth floor closeup – October 2018

2019-11 fifth floor closeup

Fifth floor closeup – October 2019


Roof-top services are reconfigured.

6 roof.png

Sections and Elevations

Section AA.png

Section AA.  The changes are on the lefthand side. The fourth and fifth floors are setback further in October 2019

Section BB

Section BB: The Ashley Road frontage on the left.

Section BB four variations 2015-2019

Section BB: Ashley Road frontage showing the four variations. Top left is the planning permission. Bottom left was the first proposed change (showing the main facade increasing to five stories). Top right is the second proposed change (showing the main facade reduced to four stories with the fourth and fifth floors setback). Bottom left is the latest amendment showing further setback of the fourth and fifth floors.

Section CC.png

Section CC: Looking west up Ashley Road towards the traffic lights. The increased setback can be seen on the right hand side of the drawing.

2019-11 & 05 Section CC closeup 2.jpeg

Section CC: Closeup of the increased setback.  We’ve greyed out the road-front elevation so that the change in the setback can be more clearly seen.

Section II.png

Section II: Looking east looking down Ashley Road with your back to the traffic lights / from inside the market square with your back to Stokes Croft.  The changed setback can be seen on the left.

Section LL.png

Section LL: South facade of Block A (on the left) as seen from Hepburn Road / Kuumba. Compared to the original planning application the fourth and fifth floors can now be seen.

Decision Making Process


The planners will deal with the application either by using delegated powers or by referring it to the Planning Committee.

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