Westmorland House – the beginning of the end

Yesterday morning the demolition of Westmorland House finally began.

Built in 1966 but abandoned in 1984, Westmorland House has been a blot on the landscape of St Pauls and Stokes Croft for too long. Its derelict hulk has loomed large over this part of the city, contributing to an air of abandonment and ‘anything goes’. Over the years it has attracted urban artists, fly-posters, graffiti, drug users, explorers, the homeless and tragically six people who lost their lives falling from the building’s unprotected heights. Local residents have been trying to get the site redeveloped since the 1990s and now that day has finally come.

PG Group bought the site in 2017 and yesterday their demolition contractors, Wring, sent in their biggest toys to start eating away at the concrete, steel and brick. Demolition is expected to take two months. It is anticipated that there may be pauses during the work to examine the structure and safety as the building is dismantled. Demolition works at the neighbouring Carriageworks (the frontage of which will be preserved) will also take place during the two month period.

A day to be celebrated, a day to be remembered. It’s the end of an era, and hopefully the beginning of something much much better.

More media coverage at:

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