Community Meeting – Mon 20 July

The next Community Meeting will be on Monday 20th July, 6:30pm at Hamilton House (Events Space).

Fifth Capital will be there to talk through the changes they’ve made since the last meeting on 11 June.

Since we met:

The Carriageworks Liaison Group has stayed in touch with Fifth Capital. They have carried on working on amendments but at the time of writing we are still awaiting their revised plans. What we do know, however, is:

  • Fifth Capital are now aiming at a Planning Committee meeting in early October. This will enable them to attend three community meetings and, hopefully, come up with a scheme that more people are happy with.
  • They are talking to A2 Dominion, a housing association, that will potentially take on the entire scheme once it is built. With A2’s access to government funding this could enable more affordable and/or social housing to be provided.
  • Fifth Capital have changed the Ashley Road façade. It’s now lower and further back. We’re waiting for plans that will show exactly what they intend.
  • We spoke to a market operator and got some really valuable information about what makes for a well designed and well managed market area. Click to see our notes  (50kb pdf) which we’ve also shared with Fifth Capital.  On 20 July we hope that Fifth Capital will present their proposals on how the commercial and market space will be designed and managed.

Still some issues we haven’t heard back on

At the Community Meeting in June we were told that we’d receive further details on a number of issues.  We’re still waiting for:

  • Confirmation on where the affordable housing units will be located – original proposals had been to put them in the upper floors of the Carriageworks building but this might change.
  • Further details on the 10% disabled standard residential units.
  • Comparison of open space areas with others similar in Bristol (although we’ve mocked some up – see attached).
  • Perspective views of the Ashley Road elevation and new access as seen from Picton Street.
  • Clarification on whether the bin store for Tuckets building will narrow the new access.
  • Perspective views of the impact on Hepburn Road as seen from the Stokes Croft end.
  • The width of the payment along the Ashley Road frontage.
  • Plans showing the internal layout of the flats.
  • Confirmation that garden size conforms with planning standards.

Some questions for you…

What sort of uses should go in the ground floor units? In the vision we talked about a range of retail (especially independents and local businesses), workshops, community space.  But there might be other uses. And it has to be viable – it’s pointless getting Fifth Capital to provide space that noone wants and its pointless having space that doesn’t meet the needs of tenants. What do you think should go there? We’d be particularly interested to hear from people with experience of occupying, managing or using this sort of space – what works, what doesn’t?

Some people say that when it comes to market rented flats and houses you get better quality management for tenants and neighbours when the units are owned and managed by a large specliast provider (like a housing association) rather than many and varied small private landlords (aka buy-to-lets). We’d be interested to hear your views and experience of that.

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