Squares in Bristol

At the Community Meeting in June someone asked for a comparison between the proposed square (ish) behind the Carriageworks and other similar sized spaces in Bristol.  The architects said they’d provide this, but haven’t as yet.  So here’s our own DIY comparison.  All the aerial views are at the same scale.  Remember that the buildings around the square will be 4-6 stories high, so the sense of enclosure is important and something to be borne in mind when viewing on the ground.

The Fifth Capital proposed scheme with the square outlined in blue.

The Fifth Capital proposed scheme with the square outlined in blue.


The boundaries of the proposed square overlaid on the existing site.


Quakers Friars, Broadmead. Possibly the best comparison although the surrounding buildings are only 3 storeys high.


The Podium, Broadmead.  Surrounding buildings are four stories high.


Cabot Circus.  Mostly 3-4 storey buildings surrounding.


@Bristol, Anchor Square

brunswick sq

Brunswick Sq, St Pauls


Albany Green, Montpelier

king square

King Square, Jamaica St

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