3 thoughts on “Bristol Party Meeting – Monday 6:30pm

  1. What a cheek to try to keep people out of Stokes Croft. This is exactly the kind of ‘brownfield’ site that Bristol needs to redevelop if its to have enough homes!

    Stokes Croft hippies are big fans of migration, now YOU make the sacrifices that it needs if you want to make room for homes for people.

    • Agree that it would be a cheek to try to keep people out of Stokes Croft, agree that it is the kind of brownfield site that needs to be redeveloped and I don’t think anyone has problems with all types of people living there (in fact that defines Stokes Croft and surrounds). The trouble is the kind of upmarket exclusive development being proposed will, in our opinion, be marketed to people who will want to keep other people away. It’s not development that’s wrong per se, it’s the type of development proposed that is wrong.

  2. Bigoted stereotyping going on there for sure. You’re doing the very thing you’re speculating your potential new neighbors will be doing. You just want to be surrounded by people by people like yourself while pretending to advocate diversity. If an ‘upper class’ development is built in Stokes Croft it all contributes to the rich tapestry of the area.

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