Two planning permissions granted at Carriageworks

Bristol City Council has granted planning permission to PG Group for two applications:

This should clear the way for PG to sign funding and construction contracts for the scheme as a whole (COVID19 permitting).

1 thought on “Two planning permissions granted at Carriageworks

  1. We are shocked and gutted they have managed to get a planning permission to add two stories to the Ashley Road side of the building without having to go to committee despite many locals and groups such as Montpelier Conservation Society vehemently opposing these plans . BCC has taken advantage of COVID to get these through without going through the usual processes. Once this soulless behemoth of a building appears everyone will be asking themselves how did this happen . BCC has just agreed its fine for the residents of the neighbouring Victorian building to have flats with balconies looking directly into what will be much darker bedrooms and living rooms from just 13ft away . Unbelievable. Big business always wins out. Heart breaking . If anyone wants to help us oppose this using Right to Light legislation please contact me on


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