PG submit planning application for Ashley Road Block A

PG have submitted a new planning application to Bristol City Council this time for changes to Block A, the building fronting Ashley Road.

You can see all the details at

We’ll be reviewing the proposals and writing more about them in the coming days.

May 2019 planning application

3 thoughts on “PG submit planning application for Ashley Road Block A

    • Hi Karen. Glad it was useful 🙂 We’re looking at 10 July for follow up meeting but have still to get a venue so that date isn’t confirmed quite yet. As soon as it is confirmed we’ll do a mailout and put it on this website and our facebook page.


  1. Letter of Opposition RE Planning Application : 19/02364/X 104-106 Stokes Croft

    If the the latest planning application is passed the developers will get the development they always wanted – lots of flats and not much else.

    Locals have spent hundreds of hours in meetings and campaigning; the council has spent thousands in community consultation, all in a bid to ensure the Carriageworks and Westmoreland site was developed in a way that produced a good quality mixed use development which would contribute something positive to the local environment and community.

    The current owners of the site are now using expensive planning consultants who have identified a legal loophole – Section 73 – to apply to significantly change and erode the development without having to take it to a full planning committee which would normally be the case when applying to make such extensive changes to a scheme.

    This loophole also conveniently for the developer gives an already battle weary public until the 19TH OF JUNE to respond. Crucially the developers also don’t need to provide full drawings or calculations which would clearly show the public and neighbours the true impact of these changes.

    So what are these changes the developer has applied for ?
    Well lets start with the amendments to the original 2015 planning permission which the council has already allowed :
    1. Removal of roof terraces.
    2. Removal of balconies.

    Using Section 73 the developer has now applied to do the following:
    1. Addition of two more stories to the Ashley Rd elevation – this will be overbearing, overshadowing and reduce light levels in 108 Stokes Croft and the commercial site and houses on Ashley Rd.
    2. Redesign of the plan layout of Block A so that it now compromises the privacy of 108 Stokes Croft. Living rooms looking straight into living rooms and bedrooms of 108 – there would be just a 13m gap between the two buildings.
    3. Redesign of elevation on Ashley Rd so that the shops look more like residential units. (At a later date they are presumably going to argue that the shops are not viable and apply for planning to change them to more flats).
    4. Removal of shop in North Entrance to the Courtyard.
    5. Removal of remaining roof terraces.
    6. Removal of a stairwell thus creating dark corridors which will now need to be artificially lit.
    7. Removal of further balconies.
    8. Removal of shops in the courtyard space. There is now no evidence of the commercial element on the elevation drawings of the interior of the courtyard – it now looks like flats on all levels. (While they are still shown on plan the intention is obviously to remove them at a later date.)
    9. Removal of much of the bin storage.

    Other concerns
    There is also a notable absence on any of these drawings of the infrastructure required if the public space is to be used by a market, events etc . There is also no information on Cultural Plan delivery.
    Developers are intentionally omitting key drawings, producing misleading drawings and providing limited and sometime inaccurate information.
    A developer committed to the design that was given planning permission 4 years ago would understand the importance of making the commercial element and the public space around it as viable as it can be so that it becomes the driver and basis of the community living over and around it.

    If this application is passed the public consultations and cultural plan will have been for nothing.

    Isobel Taylor
    Co-owner of 108 Stokes Croft , BS1 3RU


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