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PG Group have today sent an update about the Carriageworks redevelopment:

“Since we last shared the revisions to the Ashley Road façade in January CAG and PG have continued talking and this has influenced some further design developments that we will be sharing with you over the next few week including:

  • Design B is the design being submitted for the application, the one with the 6-commercial ground floor units as this was the preferred option
  • PG has also committed the architects to then turn their attention to the development of the facade design, following the ongoing discussions with CAG, and will share these revised designs during the application process
  • Shortly a revised CGI will also be created and shared to show this design development

“We can also confirm that the light stone used on the façade is Bath stone – this doesn’t really come across on the elevation attached.

“By way of explanation, PG’s focus has been pulling all the strands together to enable submission of the application into the planning process. I am pleased to say this will happen this week.

“The other good news is that PG is also finalising the lengthy search for a suitable contractor to build the Carriageworks. This appointment is now being finalised with an Autumn start date, exact dates to be confirmed, but we will share this with you as soon as we can.”

The designs referred to are below – click for a larger version.  The update is not clear as to whether the application to the planning process will be a full planning application or another non-material amendment in common with the other changes submitted this year.

Proposed revisions to Ashley Road frontage

Click to see images from the design that currently has planning permission. The key change is to the fifth and sixth stories which were previously setback but are now brought closer to Ashley Road in order to increase the number of flats inside. The facade also sees a redesign.

CAG is holding a community meeting on Thursday to discuss the latest proposals and other things. Click for further details.

4 thoughts on “Site update from PG Group

  1. The new designs don’t appear to be incorporating the current Carriageworks arches. I thought the whole point of retaining the original facade was to retain the connection with the Carriageworks’ history, but I may have missed that part of the negotiations.

    • You might be thinking of the wrong building. The frontage of the listed Carriageworks on Stokes Croft is retained. The building in the picture, which is entirely new, is on Ashley Road facing the top of Picton St.

  2. I was interested to see that Design B is “the preferred option”. Whose preference? How many people indicated this? Or is this PG Group’s preferred option? Just asking….

    • Good question! This is PG’s wording. At a recent meeting between PG and members of the Liaison Group we said that we weren’t happy with either option but of the two Design B was better. We’re still hoping for significant improvements.

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