Permission granted – what next?

Last night Bristol City Council decided to grant Fifth Capital planning permission for their sccheme to redevelop the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.  But the story doesn’t end there. As Marc Pennick said on BBC Bristol this morning, “we’re going to work with CAG and the local community, we’re going to keep working on these plans and we’re going to keep making them better.”

So what does that actually mean?  There will lots of things happening in the coming months including:

  • Fifth Capital have to complete the S.106 agreement with the Council (a legal document that binds them to fulfiling all the conditions attached to the planning permission). Once the agreement is signed Fifth Capital will exercise their option to buy the site from Comer Homes – a day for celebration!
  • Fifth Capital have to draw up detailed plans.  Surface materials have to be approved by the Council, Heritage England have to approve proposals for the listed Carriageworks, etc.
  • A contract has to be agreed with the construction company
  • The construction management plan has to be drawn up. This will include how to limit the impact on the neighbours
  • Formal notice has to be served on the travellers who have been minding the site for the past years
  • Agreement has to be reached with the long term owner, likely to be A2 Dominion.
  • The management plan for the site has to be agreed along with the details of how the ground floor units and market will be managed and by whom
  • Public art has to be agreed.

We need to make sure that the community stays informed and that our voice is heard at all the right times. At the end of the day we’re the ones who will live with the scheme so we have to make sure it’s the best we can get. We’ll be working closely and in partnership with Fifth Capital and their team to make sure of it!

  • If you want to get actively involved in the coming months then let us know
  • If you might be interested in occupying space on the ground floor let us know (but bear in mind that it won’t be completed until sometime in 2018)
  • If you want to invest, come and talk to us (or Marc!)
  • If you want to learn from our experience, get in touch.

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