Exciting new exhibition launching the Community Vision

The Carriageworks Action Group is organising an exhibition to launch the Community Vision for the Carriageworks site.  The exhibition flyer can be seen below right or at Exhibition leaflet

The grand opening of the exhibition is between 6-9 pm on Thursday 8 March.  All are welcome.  It is being held at the New Gallery,35 Jamaica Street.

The exhibition will be a warm and eclectic celebration of the Carriageworks, its history and important role in Bristol’s future.  The exhibition will continue to showcase the Community Vision between 9-24 March.

For those of you interested in process you will also find under the ‘Docs’ tab the minutes of the stakeholder group that agreed the vision (15 December 2011); a paper entitled “Carriageworks Consultation 2011:  What worked”; and a paper on “Carriageworks Action Group:  What next?”  The latter sets out how the group see its role continuing in working towards the regeneration of the Carriageworks site.

We hope to see you at the exhibition.

3 thoughts on “Exciting new exhibition launching the Community Vision

    • Hi John,

      I am advised the gallery is wheelchair accessible. It is on the ground floor and opens onto the street either through a small lobby or by opening the main, sliding doors. Sadly there are no facilities on site.

      Jan Reichel


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