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The work of the Carriageworks Action Group is now mostly finished (apart from delivery of the Cultural Plan by PG) and with that the support we received from BCC.

To avoid incurring future costs we will not be making any further updates to the project website hosted by WordPress at after August 2023. The content will continue to be available via that link for as long as WordPress keep it going.

We will keep our domain name for the time being. This will link to this mirrored website (i.e. the one you’re currently viewing) which may have occasional updates after August 2023. Once the domain name expires the only record of CAG’s work will be at the WordPress site linked in the paragraph above.

Thank you for all your support since 2011 when we embarked upon the mission to get the derelict Carriageworks and Westmorland House sites redeveloped.

Photo of rainbow over Westmorland House

Rainbow over Westmorland House, October 2011

One thought on “Carriageworks Action Group website

  1. Well, it does seem your job is done.

    Through the efforts of CAG this long festering carbuncle was finally removed and as good a re-development of the site as we could realistically hope was achieved.

    Grateful thanks to all those actively involved who must have given so much of their lives to this goal. You dida great job.

    Dave Cave
    formerly of Bristol, now of Weymouth

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