Site progress

Some photos from February 2021

Block D, one of the affordable housing blocks, seen from Stokes Croft. The crane and cherry pickers are in what will be the main market square.
The view from Ashley Road, standing at the top of Picton St. You can see Block D in the distance, with what will be the market square in front of it. Block A on the left will, in time, come further forwards to where the yellow digger stands.
The Ashely Road view. Salvation Army on the left. Block A, on the right, will build further forwards and to the left along the street frontage. There will be an access to the rear of the site next to the Salvation Army wall.
The view from Hepburn Road. In a separate and unconnected development, Croft Dale, the house on the left, is proposed for demolition as part of redevelopment proposals by the owners of the site.
The view from Nine Tree Hill. The gap in the frontage will be filled in later in the development programme and the old Carriageworks frontage restored.
The Stokes Croft gap and the Carriageworks frontage
Block A emerging above Kuumba

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