New Non-Material Amendment Application

PG have submitted a non material amendment application for Block D (the social housing block).

This is the summary they provide in the covering letter:

• Reducing the number of stair cores in the block from 2 to 1. This allows for a slight increase in the size of certain units and an improved layout;

• Reduction in the number of doors to the non-residential units at GF level;

• Introduction of new WC and storage room at the end of the bike store to serve market traders. This will result in a reduction in the number of cycle spaces in the store from 114 to 100, though this will be compensated for by a matching increase in cycle spaces in Block A (to come forward under a separate application);

• Some of the drawings approved under NMA ref 19/00408/NMA included a set of external steps adjacent to the cycle store. These were included in error and have now been removed;

• Removal of most doors to the south elevation. The small rear ‘yard’ area, which was previously subdivided and allocated to the commercial units and one of the apartments, will now only be accessible via the communal entrance lobby for maintenance purposes. This will reduce the potential for noise and disturbance to the apartments above and the adjacent buildings;

• Change to fenestration at ground, first and second floor level on the front and rear elevations;

• Termination of the stair core at 2nd floor level to remove roof access. It is anticipated that any Registered Provider would identify the roof terrace as difficult to maintain and manage. Removing the stair access to the roof also presents a more uniform roof profile and reduced the overall height of the building.

All documentation is at

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