2 thoughts on “Demolition is starting

  1. Godwin’s very Bristolian, self taught, slightly bonkers, byzantine arches are a feature of this city and its heart. His vision representative of our soul.
    I was born round the corner, grew up in its shadow. Hoped and dreamed of what it could become.
    I peopled my imagination with the bustle and craft, the spectacular carriage wares and horse farrier skill; the glory of this site and show room as was.
    I have lived my life lamenting the insane ‘Bleak House’ discord that left it derelict and worse.
    Can’t you see the tannery and leather-craft, the blacksmithing, wood work and coach building? The celebration it should be.
    You MUST leave the original Victorian, byzantine style building if nothing else. It evokes our history, our individuality, our pride and stubbornness. Artistic chances that last and pay off. Acceptance, inclusion.


    • Great words – thanks Naomi. The planning permission is for the rennovation of Godwin’s carriageworks with retail / business units on the ground floor and residential above. Not quite it’s original purpose but the byzantine architecture will remain.


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