February update

In case you were wondering, we haven’t disappeared!

Since December we’ve been liaising with the developer, Fifth Capital, as they line everything up to start development.  They’re focusing on completion of the S.106 agreement with the Council, transfer of site ownership and appointment of contractors.  There’s nothing more specific that we can really add, but as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

9 thoughts on “February update

    • Things are edging and nudging forwards but ever so slowly. The lawyers are (still) close to completing the S.106 planning agreement and that will then open the way to completion of other steps, such as transfer of ownership, prior to works starting on site. We hope that there will be something substantive to say in the next month or so. Once there is progress we’ll have a community meeting with Fifth Capital so that they can give full details about who will be doing what and when.

  1. So time rolls on and no news. Is the s106 complete yet? Will we be looking at a similar story with the transfer of ownership? Hopefully hear of some progress soon.

    • Hi Rez. Appreciate your and everyone else’s frustration. However, we’ll be posting a comprehensive update on the website and via email later today which will hopefully fill you in. Community meeting also being scheduled for early June. Julian

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