What’s happened to Knightstone?

Three years ago we were discussing our Community Vision. One year ago, in a significant step towards compulsory purchase and the end of years of derelection, Knightstone were selected as the preferred developer to deliver the Vision. But since Fifth Capital emerged it’s all gone very quiet. Are Knightstone holding back to see what comes of the Fifth Capital scheme? What does the Council think about that? And what should we, the local community, do?

Let us know what you think. Come to the Community meeting on Monday 13 October (6pm at the Salvation Army, Ashley Road), write your comments below, or send your thoughts to ideas@carriageworks.org.uk

1 thought on “What’s happened to Knightstone?

  1. Thanks to CAG for the comparison between Knightstone and Fifth Capital schemes.
    it is disappointing that Knightstone have failed to meet their promise to have worked up proposals ready for a full planning application in September-October this year. hasn’t this left the door open for FC to intervene?

    How much can we believe anybody ?
    Both Knightsone and Fifth Capital promise much, there is little sign that either will deliver. There is not really much difference in the proposals. The pedestrian through route is not essential , there wasn’t one before.so why now?. Forget also ideas about arty-farty performance spaces and ‘community art’. The real need is for affordable housing, which is now in desperately short supply and for this dereliction to end.

    I Fifth Capital really can deliver, then let them get on with it.

    Of course we know that this may be another dastardly plan by the site owners to evade compulsory purchase and see off any development by others. The City Council must be up to this game and make maximum use of the law to enforce completion in a certain time, and if necessary the matter should be called in by the Secretary of State at DCLG with compulsion at parliamemntary level as ongoing frustration of the public interest cannot be tolerated any more.


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