Community Meeting 13th October 6pm

We’ll be having a community meeting at 6pm on Monday 13 October 2014 most probably at the Salvation Army on Ashley Road.

This will be a chance to find out more about the redevelopment proposals for the site and to have your say on what you think should happen.

We’ll send a reminder to our mailing list nearer the time with more details of the meeting.

Lost the plot?

In case you’ve lost track of who’s who and what’s what, here are some quick links to the key information:

  • The Community Vision – 1600 people contributed their thoughts on the future of the site, resulting in the Community Vision being launched in March 2012. Read more….
  • Compulsory Purchase – after more than 25 years of dereliction the Council agreed to compulsoraly purchase the site from the owners, Comer Homes.  Read more…
  • The preferred developer – in December 2013, having gone through a lengthy selection process, Knighstone were named the preferred developer for the site.  Read more and see their scheme…
  • New kids – out of the blue, early in 2014 a London developer, Fifth Capital, buys ‘a controlling interest’ in the site and says they’ll develop it.  Read more…
  • Knightstone reconfirm their commitment – In August Knightstone release a statement saying they are “still very keen and committed to the project, working in partnership with the Carriageworks Action Group (CAG) and the Council to regenerate the site in a way that meets the Community Vision”  Read more….
  • Stories of Westmoreland House – CAG and Montpelier Conservation Group are exploring the history of Westmoreland House when it was working offices. Get in touch if you worked there.  Read more…

Hope to see you in October!

Lori and Julian

1 thought on “Community Meeting 13th October 6pm

  1. But Knightstone were supposed to be on course to make a planning application this Autumn, but it doesn’t look as if they are going to. Why not? They’ve had almost a year to do do it. Not doing it would seem to leave the door open for the likes of Fifth Capital ?


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