‘Carriageworks Community News’ – confused?

A leaflet that has been delivered through doors around Stokes Croft is clearly causing some confusion, not least because it is titled “Carriageworks Community News”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the leaflet has nothing whatsoever to do with us, the Carriageworks Action Group.

The leaflet has been produced by London based company Fifth Capital. It has already been widely criticised for its number of errors. Just look at the street names. And try to date the photo; from the street art we think it’s circa 2006/07 – anyone else got other ideas?  Must have been hard to find a pic that old – where did they get it?!

In letters sent to some people inviting them to a private view of their proposals the evening before the public exhibition, Fifth Capital also suggest that they are working with Bristol City Council. But they’re not! The Council’s planners have to work them just as they have to work with anyone who wants to submit a planning application. But as far as we know, no one else in the Council is helping Fifth Capital work up their proposals.

The leaflet has been produced by a London PR Agency working for Fifth Capital London Limited.  Local people have pointed out that Fifth Capital:

  • has no website*
  • has no phone number**
  • works from a residential address***
  • has no track record
  • and has no money****

And yet they’re spending bucket loads on their PR campaign and planning application.

Someone must be funding them – the big question is, who?


* http://www.fifthcapitallondon.com just has a holding page. The domain name was registered in November 2013. The brand identity was developed in December 2013. The holding page went live in early 2014.

** All phone contact is directed through the PR company.  Marc Pennick, the Director of Fifth Capital, has only given out a mobile phone number.

*** The website gives the address as 64A Randolph Avenue, London, W9 1BE which is in the affluent residential area of Maida Vale and does not look like a business property.

**** Their last published accounts 2012/13 give net assets of £5,983.

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