Community seeks developer!

At the end of December the City Council reopened its search for a developer to help deliver the Community Vision for the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.

Because rules is rules, it’s a long and drawn out process that will take most of 2013.  And then there’s the small matter of wrestling the site from the current owners so that something can actually happen.  But everything has to start somewhere so it’s good that we’re finally off the starting blocks.

If you want to see the documentation go to the Council’s Proactis website.  You’ll have to create a login for yourself – but its all free and without obligation.  If you just want to know what the summary says, here it is:

Bristol City Council seeks to select a development partner that is
prepared to enter into a joint development agreement to bring back
into beneficial use a long vacant and derelict site in the heart 
of Bristol. The site is known as Westmoreland House/Old Carriage 
Work,Stokes Croft, Bristol and contains a number of derelict buildings, 
including two, which are listed, together with an extensive area of
land. It is the intention of the Council to facilitate the delivery
of the Site to a selected development partner under a development 
agreement. The selected developer will be expected to undertake 
community engagement on proposals and apply for all necessary planning 
permissions and approvals on the agreed scheme(s), and upon obtaining 
planning permission to build out the development. The Council and 
the developer will seek to acquire the Site from the owner through
 private treaty. Should this route fail, the Council will apply for 
a Compulsory Purchase Order to secure the Site.

The closing date for developers to express an interest is 31 January 2013.

1 thought on “Community seeks developer!

  1. It’s a shame they cant turn the site into a park. Green space is something the area really lacks. With the local shops, cafes, it could revitalise the area.


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