Big breakthrough on Carriageworks

On 31 May 2012, Bristol City Council’s Cabinet decided that it will enact its Compulsory Purchase Powers for the Carriageworks site within two years, but only if negotiations fail to secure the site by agreement.

The decision is subject to conditions, which include finding the right development partner to invest in Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.

The council will seek a development partner (through a formal process) who will put up the funding to buy the property, either through negotiation with the owner, or through CPO.  It is acknowledged by all that, beyond this, development of the site is still some years away.

Independent property adviser GVA has been appointed to assist with the process. A brief is currently being prepared to advise potential developers on the appropriate design and mix of commercial, residential and community uses. It will be based on work undertaken by the local community Carriageworks Action Group. Their published Carriageworks Community Vision is the result of keen dialogue involving Councillors, council advisers, local experts, creative thinkers, residents, businesses and even passers by.

Members of the Carriageworks Action Group will be included in the developer selection process alongside the council.  Funding from the Homes and Communities Agency will support the process.

You can watch the webcast of the cabinet meeting at

You can read the cabinet report Carriageworks Westmoreland House Cabinet report 31 May 2012

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