The survey results

We had an amazing 1460 responses to the survey, plus a load of emails as well – so a big thank you to everyone who replied.

The full survey response can be found in the docs section.

We found out that 55% of respondents had a local postcode, that nearly 60% of respondents pass through the area, 45% spend leisure time locally, and 44% shop locally. 19% of respondents work locally.

The headlines of what you said are:

75% of you would like to see community uses on the site, and 66% would like to see arts facilities. Residential, shops and leisure uses are wanted by about half of you. 38% of you want to see business uses on the site.

51% of you want the development to be lead by a community. One third of you say it doesn’t matter who leads, so long as development takes place.

We also had many additional comments totalling nearly 100 pages. These are available in the docs section.

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