February update

In case you were wondering, we haven’t disappeared!

Since December we’ve been liaising with the developer, Fifth Capital, as they line everything up to start development.  They’re focusing on completion of the S.106 agreement with the Council, transfer of site ownership and appointment of contractors.  There’s nothing more specific that we can really add, but as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

Notes from 1 Dec Community Meeting

An amazing 40 people turned up for the community meeting on Tuesday 1 December.  Goes to show that the future of the Carriageworks site is still live in people’s minds.

Notes of the meeting are attached in this link (71kb PDF).

We asked people to sign up to any of the themes in which they are interested – thanks to all of you who did.  We’ll be in touch in the new year when we start to discuss the various issues.

Finally, thanks to Ian Mountford for hosting us at the newly refitted Salvation Army citadel – great space!

Community Meeting – Tues 1 December

Remember to come to the Carriageworks Community Meeting on Tuesday 1 December, 6:30pm at the Salvation Army on Ashley Road.

The key thing we need to agree at the meeting is how we work with Fifth Capital in the coming months as they get ready to start construction (scheduled for next summer).

We’ve produced a discussion paper (70kb pdf) about what happens next and what we should do.

In essence, there will be four key areas of engagement with Fifth Capital.

  • Delivery management plan (especially the commercial space)
  • Public art plan and cultural programme
  • Detailed scheme design, specifically surface treatments (i.e. what the outside may look like)
  • Housing

We would also like to be involved in ensuring that both the build and the subsequent management offers maximum opportunities for local employment and training.

The discussion paper suggests that the CAG Liaison Group continues to be conduit for information and liaison with Fifth Capital, and that we set up special interest groups to have more detailed discussions on specific issues.

Hopefully Tuesday’s meeting will be able to agree how we move forward to get the best result and, to quote the Community Vision, a “development of which we are proud”.

Community Meeting – 1 December, 6:30pm

A condition of Fifth Capital’s planning permission is that they consult with us on the management plan, employment and training, materials and finishes, and the public art plan and cultural programme.

Furthermore, we haven’t given up trying to get more affordable or even social housing in the development and are plugging away with housing associations that might be able to help. We’re also trying to ensure that the management and lettings on the ground floor provide the best fit and opportunities for the local community.

To ensure that we give effective input to the details of the development we need to agree how we organise ourselves in the coming months. So we’re holding a community meeting – Tuesday 1 December at 6:30pm at the Salvation Army citadel on Ashley Road (now reopened after their own redevelopment works).

This will also be an opportunity to get the latest on the site proposals.

Everyone is welcome to come along.

Permission granted – what next?

Last night Bristol City Council decided to grant Fifth Capital planning permission for their sccheme to redevelop the Carriageworks and Westmoreland House.  But the story doesn’t end there. As Marc Pennick said on BBC Bristol this morning, “we’re going to work with CAG and the local community, we’re going to keep working on these plans and we’re going to keep making them better.”

So what does that actually mean?  There will lots of things happening in the coming months including:

  • Fifth Capital have to complete the S.106 agreement with the Council (a legal document that binds them to fulfiling all the conditions attached to the planning permission). Once the agreement is signed Fifth Capital will exercise their option to buy the site from Comer Homes – a day for celebration!
  • Fifth Capital have to draw up detailed plans.  Surface materials have to be approved by the Council, Heritage England have to approve proposals for the listed Carriageworks, etc.
  • A contract has to be agreed with the construction company
  • The construction management plan has to be drawn up. This will include how to limit the impact on the neighbours
  • Formal notice has to be served on the travellers who have been minding the site for the past years
  • Agreement has to be reached with the long term owner, likely to be A2 Dominion.
  • The management plan for the site has to be agreed along with the details of how the ground floor units and market will be managed and by whom
  • Public art has to be agreed.

We need to make sure that the community stays informed and that our voice is heard at all the right times. At the end of the day we’re the ones who will live with the scheme so we have to make sure it’s the best we can get. We’ll be working closely and in partnership with Fifth Capital and their team to make sure of it!

  • If you want to get actively involved in the coming months then let us know
  • If you might be interested in occupying space on the ground floor let us know (but bear in mind that it won’t be completed until sometime in 2018)
  • If you want to invest, come and talk to us (or Marc!)
  • If you want to learn from our experience, get in touch.

CAG in the media…

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